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Top 50 Font Countdown

As a designer, I am always interested in what other fonts people are using and what is new in the world of type.
MyFonts.com offers two different lists for you to find out what is hot in type. They are a pair of Top 50 countdowns, except instead of music, they show what the best selling [...]

Are open source fonts an option for designers?

One of the most challenging font issues facing designers and enterprises today is licensing. Many don’t understand or realize that a fonts, like any piece of software, is licensed and how fonts are used are often part of the terms of that license
Font licensing is not standard across foundries and the terms [...]

Using OpenType Fonts Effectively

With the advent of OpenType, typographers and designers can benefit from many new “smart” features that allow glyph substitution and positioning depending on neighboring characters.
While not all OpenType fonts offer this capability (OpenType is a kind of wrapper for for a font, not a designation of it’s quality) many newer faces offer all kinds of [...]