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Installing TTX for the command-line challenged

In an earlier post, we showed you how to use TTX, an open source font editor, to rename a font in order to avoid font conflicts. This can be helpful because your operating system and your applications recognize fonts by name and name alone, and on occasion you may need to activate a font [...]

Using TTX to rename fonts

One of the most problematic issues associated with font management is how to manage font conflicts. Font conflicts come about when you activate a font with the same name as a font that is currently activated. If you have seen an alert like the one below you know what I am talking about.

Your operating system [...]

Using Apple Font Tools

When troubleshooting font issues on your Mac, there are not very many tools that you can use to get under the hood and examine what the problem might be. Most of the time you are at the mercy of interpreting what might be happening. Sometimes you activate a font, but it does not show in [...]