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FontGeek on Computer America

I had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on Craig Crossman’s Computer America August 5th. We covered a lot of basics during my hour and a half stint. To listen to the show, visit Craig’s archive page and click on the Friday, August 5 link.

Can Comic Sans make you smarter?

Comic Sans has more than a few detractors, but according to this article, it may improve learning.
The article claims that harder to read fonts significantly improve readers ability to remember the content of material they read. It goes further to say that easy to read fonts could make your brain lazy.
Something tells me that this [...]

FontGeeks in a poorly kerned world

Have you ever went for a walk and cringed at the kerning on a billboard or sign?
You are not alone. The New York Times has a great article on what it’s like to be a typography lover in a world where good typography isn’t always practiced.
I love this quote, which is taken from the article: [...]