More FontAgent Pro and Applescript

Posted by scottstoel on October 25, 2009 at 6:39 pm.

In an earlier post I wrote about AppleScript and how we can automate some common tasks using it with FontAgent Pro. Here is a script that allows you to take advantage of one of FontAgent Pro’s cooler features–adding comments to fonts to use as search metadata.

You can manually add comments to fonts in FontAgent Pro by performing Get Info on a font (Command + i on the keyboard) and adding data to the comments field.


Once you have added the comment information, you can use the Filter tool in the All Fonts view to search for the fonts by Comment in your collection. You can also use Smart Search to search your fonts by Comment and even save the results as a Smart Set.

But, if you noticed something about this process, there is no easy way to add comments to a bunch of fonts at one time. This is where AppleScript comes in.

Download and unzip the file linked here and place the script in the /Library/Application Support/FontAgent Pro/Scripts/ folder to get it to appear as “Comment Last Import Fonts” in the FontAgent Pro script menu.


When you run this script it will present you with a dialog where you can batch add comments to all the fonts contained in the Last Import set in FontAgent Pro.

The situation where this comes in very handy is if you are working at a job where you would like to tag fonts for individual projects as you import them. This script would be useful in this workflow because when you import your fonts into FontAgent Pro, in addition to adding them to a library of your choice, they are also automatically added to a set called Last Import. After that you can run the script by selecting it from the Script Menu in FontAgent Pro and add the comments you would like to attach to those fonts when prompted. In the example below, I added a job number and also opted to add the date to the Comment field as well.


After the script has run, you will be alerted that FontAgent Pro had added the comments entered to the font’s listing in FontAgent Pro.


Now when we do Get Info on one of these fonts, we can see that the comment information has been added to the font where it is searchable, as mentioned earlier, in FontAgent Pro.


Other cases where this would come in handy is with FontAgent Pro Server. As an administrator, you can add Comment information before uploading fonts to FontAgent Pro Server, then set up Smart Sets on the client-side that would automatically update the contents of of those sets using the comment metadata provided.

This script is editable and can easily be customized to fit any workflow. So once again, the fun does not have to stop here.

Stay tuned to FontGeek as I plan on regularly adding more scripts and other font-related workflow solutions.