Monthly Archives: March 2009

Using ftxvalidator

A few posts ago we talked about Apple Font Tools, ftxinstalled fonts in particular. Apple Font Tools is a suite of command line utilities that can help you with many issues concerning fonts on your Mac. One of the helpful tools included in this suite is ftxvalidator. This tool can be very useful if you [...]

Put all your fonts in a “Smart Folder”

If you are a graphic designer chances are you have been collecting font for years, and these collections can get huge. Chances are they are not neatly organized in one folder. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to gather them all in one location?
Well you can. With Spotlight, the Mac OS X [...]

Using Apple Font Tools

When troubleshooting font issues on your Mac, there are not very many tools that you can use to get under the hood and examine what the problem might be. Most of the time you are at the mercy of interpreting what might be happening. Sometimes you activate a font, but it does not show in [...]

Dealing with Garbled Fonts

Note: The article below was written by Benjamin Levisay, founder of and Alpha FontGeek. It first appeared on FontGeek May 31, 2006. This article is probably one of the most helpful and referred to articles ever published on the site. In order to keep it easily available for FontGeek readers, we are republishing it [...]