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Man who made Helvetica famous dies

“It is not a letter that’s bent to shape; it’s a letter that lives in a powerful matrix of surrounding space,” Mike Parker said. “It’s — oh, it’s brilliant when it’s done well.”
Mike Parker, considered the “godfather” of the Helvetica font, died on Sunday, February 23.

NBC Universal in trouble with fonts again

It seems that NBC Universal is in hot water again concerning unauthorized use of fonts.
According to the Hollywood Reporter article, Brand Design alleges that its records show NBCU subsidiary Oxygen Media purchased a “basic, 36 workstation (users) license to use the CHALET typeface font software.”
While they had a basic license, they did not [...]

FontGeek on Computer America

I had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on Craig Crossman’s Computer America August 5th. We covered a lot of basics during my hour and a half stint. To listen to the show, visit Craig’s archive page and click on the Friday, August 5 link.

Safari vs. your font manager

With the release of Lion, some users are encountering a seemingly bizarre font problem where the text is replaced with a series of “boxy” letters like the example below:

In the past when we have seen this issue, it was usually attributable to corrupt font caches, but that can be easily remedied in most situations [...]

Can Comic Sans make you smarter?

Comic Sans has more than a few detractors, but according to this article, it may improve learning.
The article claims that harder to read fonts significantly improve readers ability to remember the content of material they read. It goes further to say that easy to read fonts could make your brain lazy.
Something tells me that this [...]

Find fonts used in a InDesign document using AppleScript

One of the challenges in a font-based workflow is the difficulty determining what fonts are used in a document without launching the document. Many times in InDesign you can use the Package command, which will save a report of the assets used in the creation of the document. This command is commonly used when collecting [...]

Installing TTX for the command-line challenged

In an earlier post, we showed you how to use TTX, an open source font editor, to rename a font in order to avoid font conflicts. This can be helpful because your operating system and your applications recognize fonts by name and name alone, and on occasion you may need to activate a font [...]

Top 50 Font Countdown

As a designer, I am always interested in what other fonts people are using and what is new in the world of type. offers two different lists for you to find out what is hot in type. They are a pair of Top 50 countdowns, except instead of music, they show what the best selling [...]

Are open source fonts an option for designers?

One of the most challenging font issues facing designers and enterprises today is licensing. Many don’t understand or realize that a fonts, like any piece of software, is licensed and how fonts are used are often part of the terms of that license
Font licensing is not standard across foundries and the terms [...]

Using TTX to rename fonts

One of the most problematic issues associated with font management is how to manage font conflicts. Font conflicts come about when you activate a font with the same name as a font that is currently activated. If you have seen an alert like the one below you know what I am talking about.

Your operating system [...]